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11 March 19
Similar to weight loss surgery, if your obesity is associated with some weight-related problems, the insurance companies will cover the expenses associated.
5 January 18
obesity is one of the major causes of infertility. Bariatric surgery not only has no peril for married women, but also increases their fertility. In patients who are infertile due to the obesity, the pregnancy will be possible 4-6 months after the bariatric surgery.
2 March 19
  Usually it happens during the first six months following the surgery. About 3 to 4 months after the operation.
6 January 18
The patient will be hospitalized for two days, and rest at home for three days. After two weeks, it is possible to carry out daily activities and even exercise.
2 March 19
  It can happen in 30% to 40% of patients. It is a temporary side effect.
14 April 19
Although there is no age limitation for having bariatric surgery, the procedure is too risky for teenagers and older adults.
10 March 19
You need to take vitamin and mineral supplements for life.
14 April 19
There are some risks and complications associated with bariatric surgery, as any other surgical procedure such as bleeding, infection, anesthesia risks, blockage or leaks in the bowels.
8 January 18
The surgery is carried out in Erfan Hospital, Tehran
10 March 19
Yes, you may decrease or even stop some medications that are related to or associated with obesity.
15 April 19
Immediately after the bariatric surgery, you can only have a liquid diet, then you can add clear liquids to your diets. Next step, you can add pureed foods to your diet including protein based foods. In the next phase, you can begin to eat more solid foods about three months after the surgery.
9 January 18
The nature of gradual weight loss after Sleeve Gastrectomy, compared to other methods, does not lead to skin sagging too much. However, regular exercise and swimming can reduce and minimize the sagging of your skin.