Different types of obesity
Different types of obesity

Different types of obesity

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Obesity is a common problem in the world. Although all types of obesity are not same. There is 6 types of fat that each one has separate causes, side effects and treatments.

The definition of obesity

Different types of obesity

If we define obesity scientifically, we should determine it base on BMI (body mass index). This index can determine your normal weight based on your weight and height.

Following we define different types of obesity and explain them briefly:

1-The most common type of obesity

This type of obesity is due to bad habits with abuse of sugar and food. For solving this problem, you just need to change your food diet and reduce your daily food usage. Delete sugar of your diet and try to do daily exercise at least 30 minutes.

2- Obesity due to stress

This type of obesity is caused by stress, depression and the other problems. Mostly, peoples who eat excessive sweets are affected by this type of fat. How we confront this type of obesity? The best method to overcome this type of obesity is controlling stress and anxiety. It is better you find a physical activity to remove your stress and nervousness. By this method you can get the wonderful results in your body.

3- Gluten obesity

This type of obesity usually happens for women who go thought menopause and men who have hormonal imbalances. The best method to overcome this type of overweight is avoiding immobility, sitting for a long time, smoking and alcohol drink. The best solution is exercise with weight.

4- Metabolic obesity

Peoples who are gaining weight and just their stomach become fat are in this category. This is a kind of dangerous obesity because can affect the other organs and causes breathing problems. Over weighted people should avoid alcohol drink.

5- Venous obesity

This type of obesity is usually genetically inherited obesity and mostly happen during pregnancy and people who have swollen legs. The treatment is doing exercises such as walking, climbing stairs and drinking much water.

6- Obesity due to immobility

This obesity usually affects parts of the body that have much activity in the past. The best method to remove this fat stores is to prevent your body stay hungry for a long time because as much as your body metabolism increase, your fat will remove faster.

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